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My Goal

The present and future of MephoBox

My original plan was that MephoBox would be a personal resource for me, but as it grew I wanted to share it with the community. There is so much creativity and artwork out there on the web and so many disappointing designs also.

The main goal for users is to have an enjoyable experience on my site. To use this site as inspiration to improve the design of the world wide web and help make the web industry move its way on the art chain.

If you encounter a problem, bug, or want to help out or require some assistance please email me at justin[at]mepholio.com -- CHEERS!


Why MephoBox?

MephoBox provides a more focused inspiration, it divides areas by categories found in the collections section. Normal CSS galleries only display full web sites instead of parts of a site that could be well done. As a web designer, seeking inspiration and keeping up with the community I would like to see parts of sites and take inspiration from sections as well as see how it interacts with the overall web site.

Whats New

Recent Changes

Been extremely busy at work to do maintenance
Worked on bugs to get the site back up and running.
Fixed google ad
Fixed errors on node pages
Working on Mobile Version
Converted to HTML5 templates
Check out my gfs blog Rock Dan Dan